Monday, April 09, 2007

project 365 #99: ortonized frost damaged tulip

The weather has not been kind to the plant kingdom. I don't think any of the daylilies are going to make it, which is sad and also strange, since I usually think those things are indestructible. Even though we usually get a cold snap in April, it's seldom this cold or this prolonged, so I guess that's what did it. But then, what do I care anyway, since they're not going to be my daylilies anymore. Waaaah!! I'm just hoping the Japanese maple makes it - it looks most unhappy too - because that I'm digging up and taking with me. I love my Japanese maple by god and I bought it and I planted it and bless its dear little Japanese heart, it's moving too.

I did my taxes today, which was surprisingly painless and the government is going to give me a whole lot of money for being such a good selfless poor single mother and all, thank you, thank you, oh government, because that takes a lot of the financial stress out of moving. It's funny - I think on some level I've known this was coming for a while, because I've been dragging my feet on a lot of spring things I'm usually pretty prompt about, like getting the vegetable garden ready and doing my taxes in February or March. I think I knew I was going to need the money for something more important than CDs (I have a need to own all the Camper van Beethoven and Modest Mouse in the world. I neeeeeed them. I do.) and, sigh, a digital SLR. I was hoping - but oh well. Maybe next year.

Picture note - I ended up rotating this into a horizontal on Flickr and it actually looks better. So click it to see it the other way. I just can't make it turn properly now and I'm too tired to redo the whole thing.

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