Monday, April 16, 2007

project 365 #104: barleys upstairs bar 1

So, here is Saturday's picture of the day. I took over 300 pictures, spent all day Sunday going through them, dumped slightly more than half (yeah, I probably should have dumped more) and uploaded 13 or 14 of them to the DILOA pool and all 129 that I saved to my photostream. My 24 hours is here. If you haven't already, check out at least the group photos; we got some extraordinary shots, although I think the prize totally goes to the two people who ran into a mama bear and cubs - I was all prepared to accuse them of cheating, but no, they just have great luck. Although considering that my Day in the Life of Asheville centered around the bars (NO!?!?! I know, you're shocked. Shocked. Whoda' thunk it?) the appearance of a bear not of the human kind would have been unlikely and even scarier than finding one on top of Town Mountain Road.

So I'm tired and have a sore throat. During this 48 hour marathon - Sunday, seriously was like being at work: I was at the computer from 9:30 to 3:00 and then I had to go drink beer with the other photographers - I smoked 2 and a half packs of cigarettes, drank untold quantities of PBR and a couple of pints of some delicious thing called New South Lager which they have on tap upstairs at Barleys and I heartily recommend and walked through snow, sleet, rain, sunshine and temperatures changing from about 65 to about 30. Ah Asheville and the mountain microclimates: I've never known them so extreme and my gardener friends are all near despair. Weird weather to be sure.

Anyway. Check out DILOA; it rocks; it was tremendous if exhausting fun; great people, new friends and old; and fantastic photographs of freakin' asheville.

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