Saturday, April 21, 2007

project 365 #110: charles and his cool sweatshirt

And yesterday's picture on 4/20 is my good friend C in his amazing WFMU sweatshirt which I totally love. Yes! Eat flaming death, fascist media pigs! By all means! We all went out to drink beer for a while last night but I had to come home early since I suddenly discovered that I was drunk. I hate it when that happens; damn - I'll just be going along drinking beer for several hours and, go figure, I'll get drunk. Amazing.

Then I got home and argued with young M for several hours. He is the most contrary person on the face of the planet and he knows exactly what to say to start me going. He does it for sheer amusement, which I know, but somehow I am unable to stop myself rising to the bait every time, which he knows. Allah preserve us from 15 year olds.

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