Thursday, May 17, 2007

project 365 #137: nate leaving

Well, N's gone. The hours between 5:00, when I got off work, and 9:00, when we put him on the bus, were possibly the longest hours of my life. They went on for like 10,000 years; I mean, empires rose and fell, religions were born and died - the world changed. And not for the better.

In the last two days he cleaned out the basement and the shed and the yard; he worked like a dog to help me move and so I don't grudge him missing the Saturday big move thing at all. And I knew he was going to leave eventually but. But of course, it's much harder to handle when it actually happens than you think it would be. I suggested, this morning, a lot of ridiculous things and he said, "Don't do that. That would be emo." He's right. I won't be emo, although I really, really want to be so emo right now that it would embarrass an emu, but I won't. I hope he finds what he's looking for. Or figures out what he's looking for, which is what, really, we all want to do.


loquacious said...

Good luck Nate. Go get a boat!

Good luck fliss. Be lucky mud, all.

Emily said...

Damn, I didn't get to meet him.
My phone got toasted at LEAF and I've been without since. I'm heading down to get a new one today and I'll be in touch.

I have a truck and some help for you on Saturday, I'll give you a call. We'll be on the porch tonight if you want to come by. My crazy oldest brother blew in with the wind..

it's all odd..

Come by! I'll be there around 6 or so - maybe score a good dinner