Sunday, May 13, 2007

project 365 #134: mothers day

I totally forgot it was Mother's Day. I woke up early and felt fine, if hungry, so I started making this elaborate greasy breakfast. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that I had one of those elaborate creeping hangovers that just gets worse throughout the day (stealth hangovers. So bitterly unfair.) and the greasy breakfast was perhaps not quite the ticket. So I sensibly went back to bed from whence my daughter rousted me, small pot of snapdragons in hand, annoyed that I had already done the breakfast thing. And her boyfriend mowed the front lawn, which was wonderful.

Still, I've been too hungover to accomplish anything much today, although N and I did go over to the Brevard Road super gigantic ultra pet store where it turned out they were having one of those adoptathon things. There was a friendly love of a red bone hound there with a happy, floppy hound face and I knew that he should come home with me but somehow, although it was tough, I resisted. I also resisted the Maine coon and the sad kitten in the cage and even the geckos, anoles and iguanas, although I want one and for some strange reason have recently decided that I need more lizards in my life. But I did get Django a new collar and tag and some expensive cable to tie him up (he breezes through the fence with the greatest of ease and this must end.) And I got Theo a new tag, too, so he wouldn't feel left out, with the new address on it. Something about writing the new address on dog tags makes it all so official and I can't believe that I wasted a packing day moping around being bleary. Bah.

I did go over to my mother's - my younger brother had asked me to pick up some flowers for her for Mother's Day & I also got her a big white petunia. It's damn near impossible to get flowers at 5:00 on Mother's Day evening, let me tell you. They were totally out at Earth Fare and I had to go to Ingles, where I got the last flowers in the store. One of these days I'm going to open a Procrastination Palace that specializes in last minute holiday appropriate stuff. I'll be open from 5:00 pm to midnight and sell all kinds of weird shit. It'll be great and a new and novel way to lose vast sums of money.

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Edgy Mama said...

Great photo, fliss.

And belated congrats on the house! Hurrah! And happy Mother's Day to you.