Wednesday, May 09, 2007

James McMurtry - project 365 #127.5

Sorry about the lameness of blogging lately, y'all, but life is hectic and insane and I have to find a place to live before I end up in a cardboard box under the Patton Avenue bridge and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, although I should do nothing but pack and whimper and make phone calls, I took some time out on Sunday night to go down to the Grey Eagle and see that great true love of my life, James McMurtry. And OMG and WOW and it was AMAZING and he's so incredibly cool and talented and fantastic and so on and so forth. I could insert a couple lurid paragraphs of the worst kind of adolescent girl gushing here but I will leave that up to your imagination. It involves a lot of Eeeeeeeeee! noises and blushing and stammering. Also, my mighty detective skillz helped me deduce that James has in fact had a recent breakup (the first five songs he played were all, like, angry breakup songs, so clearly, you so know he's totally single, OMG!) and therefore perhaps I should move to Austin. In the meantime, however, I did have a brief but really nice chat with Darren, his drummer, and he's also extremely good looking and very sweet plus has the added bonus of actually knowing I exist. That is helpful when one is in love.

In other news, there is no other news. I wish there were. I can't seem to find a place to live - freakin' Asheville is getting like New York city, I swear. I didn't get the place I put the application in on and I think that probably I should have realized that it was like New York around here now and gone prepared to look at it with like $1000 in small unmarked bills. It is insane. It is disheartening. You make 25 phone calls the minute the Iwanna comes out and of those, 5 of them have been rented (why don't people pull their ads? And then why do they get all cranky when you call abou the ad? I mean, jesus.) 15 of them will never return your call no matter how many times you try and of the other 5, one will be a horrifying shithole deep in the wilds of Leicester, although they say it's West Asheville, one will have changed their mind about pets, one will be so minuscule that even leprechauns couldn't live there without stooping and the other two will be too expensive for you and also just rented, like, 5 minutes ago. Add to this the fact that rents have almost tripled in the last 7 years and It really is getting dire around here.

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