Saturday, December 31, 2005

Some New Stuff for the New Year

Okay, y'all on the sidebar you will now see two changes: The Fairytale of the Day, which is a pretty nifty thing in case you happen to be suffering from fairytale deprivation, and really, aren't we all?

Then, under my links, there is a new blog. Yes, I have started a new blog, a blog of dreams, and I'm going to be randomly occasionally entering old dreams from my dream journal, or, should my subconscious life pick up, even new dreams. My dreams are weird as hell, so be warned.

Yeah. Fairytales and dreams - I'm heading for an increasingly surrealistic new year, and that's a good thing, because frankly I've about had it with reality.

Also, happy new year! A fun game and a great cartoon.

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