Friday, December 23, 2005

Moving Right Along - and, just for you, Santa Badger!

I need to wrap presents and clean the house, in particular the kitchen floor, which has had several unfortunate incidents with pomegranates lately. I need to not be doing this, or reloading AVG because XP made me or trying to figure out why every fucking thing I download goes to a mystery desktop that isn't mine and may in fact not even be on this planet since sometimes windows explorer recognizes it as a place and sometimes it does not. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. At the very least I need to be knitting, knitting madly, knitting like the knitting fool I am. Wait til you see the pictures I will take on Christmas of the many amazing knitted gifts I have made. You will be shocked and awed. Or something. And M wants a wallet now and also I have to go buy a tiny buddha to make a tiny shrine or possibly a statue of Oprah; do they sell devotional statues of Oprah yet, and if not, why not? And, the other day in a moment of madness I bought a $30 disposable digital video camera (isn't technology getting amazingly strange?) and I have to figure out how to work it so that I can make a heartwarming Christmas movie.

To continue with my computer issues, I was just searching for a copy of Santa Badger because Christmas just isn't complete without it, and when I clicked on the first google link, my browser got highjacked by Adult Friend Finder. That isn't supposed to happen with Firefox and I'm pissed off. It was a royal pain in the ass to undo, too. However, be happy. You won't have to google & get highjacked; you have it here. Yay for Santa Badger!

Last nights Drinking Liberally went very well I thought and it is beginning to look like we're gonna get this thing off the ground. So if you were not showing up because you feared being forced into work or organization or something, it's okay now. Henceforth Thursday evenings are the official time to step away from the computer and come down to Jack of the Wood to talk politics in a non threatening and funny and relaxed manner. If you're lucky M will come along to tell us all about how revolution is actually, like, totally simple, dude. So, man, merry revolutionary Christmas! Yeah!

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