Sunday, December 11, 2005

Crafting Madness!

Okay, fellow craftaholics: I have learned a new skill. I have learned to. . . knit! Yes, me and 6 billion other hipstresses across the world; as usual, I'm about 2 or 3 years late, but I've finally learned to knit. A and I went over to my mom's today and she taught us how. I've already knitted almost a foot of a very, um, unusual scarf. It's charming! It's naive! The width varies madly in only a foot!

I went to Michaels' again today. I bought all kinds of crafty goodness fun - yes, art supplies are a drug, not unlike crack, only requiring far more storage room - and fell for the frothy, furry fun yarn, the yarn that was on sale with a picture of a great scarf on the front and the encouraging legend: easy beginner 1 hour scarf pattern included. One hour, I thought, hell, I can manage one hour, and so can A, and knitting will be good for us, and Mom will love teaching us. The girl at the checkout looked doubtfully at my yarn, which is the multi colored kind with bits of fuzz sticking vibrantly out everywhere, and my giant blue chrome knitting needles and said, "Have you made one of these before?"
"Oh no," I said blithely. "I've never knitted - my mother is going to teach me this afternoon."
"One afternoon?" she questioned.
"Oh sure." I said. "No problem."

And it hasn't been a problem. I've only been working on my scarf for about 4 solid hours now and I have almost 10 inches done. Impressive, huh? I'm clearly a natural. A has unraveled 3 scarf beginnings and gone and bought different yarn already, but me, I'm just keeping on going. I figure if it gets long enough the holes and odd bits won't show so much. I feel like I joined a club, and I want to go to the stitch and bitch meetings at the Westville, and I'm just all excited. I can knit! Sort of. My mother, who's been knitting on and off for almost 60 years, started talking to A about argylle socks, and sweaters, and purling. She patted me on the head and said I was doing a good job, but she didn't want to teach me how to purl right away. She said it would confuse me, and since I have noted that I tend to forget how to knit as soon as I put the needles down, she may be right. A, now, she'll teach A to purl no problem. A has been busily fixing any problems in her scarf. Imagine! Me, I just keep on going, and my scarf is way longer than hers, although, okay, it looks a little unusual. Yes. Unusual, creative, different, and it has holes in it where something wrong seems to have happened. Very different. Different enough where you think maybe it was left behind by a visiting clown.

Meanwhile, the gourds, the christmas cards, the T-shirts (you know when it says on a package of T-shirt transfer things that they'll only work on light colored material? They aren't kidding about that.) and several other crafts in progress have taken over my dining room, and I don't really have time to blog. Must return to knitting before I forget how - oh help.

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