Friday, December 02, 2005

Notes from the Drunken Zone

Okay. It was a long and strange day that ended up with me dancing at Stella Blue's 80s night for hours and now I'm way drunk. So tomorrow I will make hoperully a sensible post. Meanwhile, some notes so I don't forget it all.

1. I argued about Catholicism for a long time with my friend at Broadways. Central question seemed to be: can you accept the doctrines of the church given all the recent revelations, can you say it's individual human error and priests are human? I say no, catechism taught us that priests aren't human but representatives of god on earth, the pope, and anyway the hierarchy of saints would say that nobody acts individual. Long argument. Also rotten bourbon on sale so then had to buy good bourbon to prove what the difference in taste is. Also, then I gave my phone number to the bartender who I have had an enormous crush on since forever. Then I became catatonic, because, well, you know.

2. Dancing for hours to 80s music. Took off my sweater and danced in a camisole and corduroys. Danced with a gorgeous man. Danced with my best friend. Danced with her boyfriend. Went to the ladies' room and listened in to girls freaking out about men; came out all Mother Wisdom and said, well, I am older than all of you. They came out of stalls and LO, were the same age as me. Turned out half the people in the damn bar were late 30s, early 40s, just like me.

2a: I got carded last night at Barleys. Hallelujah!

3. Drinking Liberally. More later.

4. Wow, I'm way drunk Love you all!!

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