Friday, December 09, 2005

The Non Ice Storm

There was supposed to be a big ole ice storm tonight. It started out promising, but then it fizzled, and now it's just raining again. Bummer. I stayed home like a responsible citizen when I could have been out drinking and talking politics! Now I feel like a wimpy idiot, and instead, A & I drank hot cider and Jamisons and watched Starsky and Hutch (three thumbs down) and Dazed and Confused (11 thumbs up.) Also, I called my friend J and told her not to go out either, and thus I deprived her of a fun clothes swap night, and so I, like, suck. It was pretty cool in the beginning, though, when the leaves were all coated with ice. I know, it's dangerous, and not a Good Thing, but it was pretty, and different. It did get kind of windy, though.

I am a cold weather car wimp, though, it is true. I learned how to drive in South Carolina, and they don't teach snow and ice, and even through a decade in Maryland, I somehow managed to avoid learning much. Anyway, Baltimore, in a remarkable show of city unity, refuses to believe that it has ever snowed in the city. It snows every year, to much consternation, wailing and gnashing of teeth, orgasmic behavior by TV weatherpeople, all schools cancelled, the city shut down and so on, but nobody believes that it will ever happen again. So they don't bother to buy or repair their snowplows (all 3 of them) because, you see, it doesn't snow in Baltimore! It's beautiful, really, a city government and people acting in concord, eliminating winter weather through the sheer force of disbelief. Similar to New Orleans - why rebuild the levees when floods don't happen there?

Meanwhile, in other breaking news, and this is important, so listen up: Drinking Liberally Asheville starts next Thursday at 7:00 pm at Jack of the Wood and I am the cohost, along with Screwy Hoolie of Scrutiny Hooligans and BlogAsheville fame, and so y'all should come down and drink a beer or three and talk about politics and help us decide exactly what this liberally drinking pony should look like when we're done building it. He is in charge of politics; I am in charge of dumb wisecracks, except for the part where I get real serious and start muttering things about impeachment, and plutocracy, and America destroyed by the rich corporate vampires, and, OI! the plight of the working classes. So be there.


Uptown Ruler said...

you guys are the coolest!

Edgy Mama said...

Well, I can definitely talk vampires. And join you in the wisecracks. And rant about the current idiot in charge. Will that work?

Edgy Mama said...

Oh wait, NEXT Thursday? Nope, kid holiday program followed by neighborhood Moms Christmas party in which we all exchange sex toys. Sorry, you've been eclipsed until next time.

mygothlaundry said...

Weather permitting, we'll be there every Thursday. But jeez, sex toy swap beats drinking and politics? Oh wait, yeah, totally.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Sorry, what?

EM, are you just copying that idea out of the Penthouse Forum?