Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I don't have much time - I have to go pick up M at the Sword & Grail, since he now lives there - but I wanted to tell you about my socks. I am wearing two socks - YES! 2 socks! - and they are BOTH Christmas socks but. . . dah da da da. . . they do not match. One of them is my Christmas sock from last year with the dogs with antlers on it and the other one is the fancier, more exciting Christmas sock of 2005, which is polka dotted and features snowmen with green glitter scarves. My life is getting terribly boring, because when I figured out that I had, now, two Christmas socks instead of the one lonely one with the dogs with the antlers which is the only Christmas sock I have had for a year, my heart was filled with happiness. This is a little moral lesson, you see: it is better to save your hideous Christmas socks forever (forever, I say! Yes, forever! Until you have huge boxes of them all over your room!) because one will inevitably be lost and then you will have another to mate with it, since Christmas socks are not picky and don't care who you mate them with, and, meanwhile, instead of getting angry, wailing and gnashing of your teeth at the loss of one sock, you can simply join it together with another lone sock and be joyous, lo, and all cheerful. It helps to drink heavily.

Also, I finished making my Christmas cards today. Email me if you want one and I'll mail it out sometime in February, I promise.

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