Saturday, September 29, 2007

project 365 #270: water glass and coffee cup

I still feel like shit. I wasn't even going to take a picture yesterday but then at around 11:45 I felt guilty and tried to take some pictures from bed. This was the best of them. I wanted to take one of those artsy nudes, you know the kind where you're not at first sure whether you're looking at a landscape or a woman, but that didn't work out AT ALL. It occurs to me that those are usually taken by photographers of models, not by women lying alone in bed with a camera at almost midnight feeling bleary and resentful. The photos taken by women like that turn out to be just sort of blurry orangeish lumps. You can't tell it's a nude, that's true, but then you can't tell if the camera just got dropped into a vat of dough either. So I took a closeup of a glass of water. At least this one is better than the one I took first, in which I hadn't cleaned up moved the crumpled Kleenex from the background. That one was nasty. Whooo hoo.

I'm going to the party, goddamnit, even though I feel - and look - like death warmed over. I'll bring a bell so as not to infect anyone, but I have to go because otherwise I'll end up taking pictures of my knees in bed again and I simply cannot face it.

And I think I might go to the doctor next week too, because I just went back through my blog to discover that I felt exactly as horrible as this exactly one month ago and that seems to me to speak eloquently of one of those female type things. Great. My gynecologist is one of those laissez faire healthy mother nature will fix it types; she'll probably charge me $200 or so to say, hey, this is what happens when you get older. First I'll have to spend 45 minutes naked on a metal table hoping against hope that I haven't been forgotten and worrying about obscure tropical diseases that I might have picked up from some grimy dollar bill at the register at work. Then my doctor will breeze in, poke me uncomfortably for a bit and then say, hey, it's almost certainly nothing, or we could run some tests. Eeeep. Yet again, aging bites.

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