Monday, September 24, 2007

project 365 #264: drinks with ladies

I just did the dance of joy. Yes, the actual, the real, the one and only Dance of Joy around my dining room. Why am I dancing for joy? Have I won the lottery? Has Prince Charming arrived at last, 20 years late but still holding that damn glass slipper? No. No, my needs and wants and joys are simpler now: my boss called and I don't have to go into work until noon at least because the floor people are there doing whatever it is that they do to floors that means you can't walk on them for several hours, which would make getting to and from my office a bit problematic. Dance of Joy!

I'm in a good mood anyway since I did absolutely fucking nothing yesterday. I worked all day Saturday and then met friends, pictured here, for drinks afterwards and then a couple more friends came on over to my house and we ate pizza and drank beer and smoked too much and it was good. So given that I only had a one day weekend, I decided to spend it in bed with James Hetley. Yeah, me and James had quite the Sunday: I read all four of his books yesterday, or, well, 3 3/4 of his books. They were great. Exactly what I needed - pure D escapism and magic in everyday life. Yes. I kept thinking, these are the kinds of books I love to read and I want to write - what's stopping me? Plot, people, plot is what's stopping me. I can't resolve a plot to save my life, anymore than I can resolve my own damn life.

Oh well, who cares? I tell you what, in the name of simple joys, the carpet spot cleaner I just used on the mysterious stains in the den actually worked too. Okay, it is possible that it worked by taking up a little of the dye, but I care not. Those stains had the distinct appearance of dollar bills gong up in flames - ah, there went my security deposit - and now they're like little patches of light hope. Damp light hope that smells of naphtha, but you can't have everything.


Emily said...

"Simple Joys?"

I got one..went home after that and woke up at 6 am in a half made bed with my toys strewn all around..

** :-X ****

mygothlaundry said...

Hee. So that's why you never showed up! Girl, there was way more drinking to do. Also, pizza.