Friday, September 28, 2007

Great, a cold

So I'm sick again. This is happening waaaaay too much lately. I felt fine yesterday; this morning I woke up with a low fever, headache, sore throat, sore ears, stuffy nose - you know, the works. Naturally, of course, because the party I've been looking forward to for weeks is tomorrow.

This sucks. I woke up and thought at first I was hungover, but even for me, that would be a remarkable feat given that I haven't had a drink in four or five days. Yeah, I live clean and look where it gets me - sick and dizzy and out of it. I walked the dogs and that didn't make me feel better - although I saw two herons, which was awesome - and I found a bottle of prescription meds on the path. They were from Kerr drug and they were nothing I had ever heard of before, which I assumed meant they weren't anything fun or useful. After I got home and took a shower and still felt rotten and called, after much internal debate, in sick to work, I took them over to Kerr and turned them in like a good citizen. I also went to the post office and to Earthfare to get all kinds of hippie illness remedies which I have been dutifully drinking all day because, goddamnit, I am going to that party tomorrow even if I have to carry a bell and shout "Unclean! Unclean!"

The only good thing about being sick is the floaty feeling. Driving to Earthfare I kind of felt like I'd just done three or four bonghits or maybe some acid. It would have been tons of fun if my ears and throat didn't hurt quite so badly and I could breathe through my nose. Also, if my body didn't want to be horizontal so very much indeed. But the floaty feeling led to dreams when I went back to bed, which was very shortly after my trippy Earthfare visit, and maybe someday I'll figure out whether I was dreaming about picking slugs off leaves and throwing them or if it was me who was the flying slug. It's not quite Coleridge level high, but it's inspirational.

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