Friday, September 07, 2007

Blog Awards

So, as if being in Mountain Xpress is not enough Asheville bloggy goodness, it's time yet again for the annual Blogaverseapaloozathonawhonkawhonkadingdong. Or something like that. Screwy came up with the name and for some unknown reason, like maybe that particular brain cell got burned at some art student party in the woods in the late eighties or something, I cannot remember it. Can you imagine? Anyway. The party is happening on September 29, 3 weeks from today, which is, yeah, too much time away for anyone to be expected to remember it, so I will bring it up again closer to the event. It's at K & J's place, not mine. Thank god. ANYHOW, you can now nominate various asheville bloggers for prizes here. Yes, prizes, that will be given out at this faboo event. Last year I won a naughty box of faux sex toy type stuff for being funny. I think it was for being funny; it's all a blur. Brain cells were burned. Or you can email your nominations (which will, naturally, include me, for something - maybe being naked? I see that K is aiming for that one, and well, okay, I grant you that she is probably a very fine sight naked, but hey, what am I? Chopped liver? Does noone want to see ME naked? Don't answer that. No, really, don't answer that.) to scrutinyhooligans AT yahoo DOT com.

I, er, haven't done my own nominations yet either. But I'm going to! I am! I swear! I promise! Any minute now!

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