Friday, September 14, 2007

project 365 #255: shadows at the meat puppets show

C & I went to the Orange Peel last night to see the Meat Puppets. I can't even barely remember the last time I went to the Orange Peel, because, frankly, I pretty much hate it. My knees don't like the terrible lack of seating, my anti authoritarianism doesn't like being carded six ways from Sunday and not being allowed to carry a beer outside when I smoke and my cheap, poor, alcoholic part hates the small, expensive beers in plastic cups. On the bright side of that equation, though, is the fact that I am totally unhungover today despite the fact that I was dancing until midnight.

The show wasn't as well attended as I thought it would be - or as it should have been, what is the matter with you, Asheville? Banjo music and plaintive singer songwriters are all very well, but sometimes a girl needs screaming electric guitars and drums that make her ears bleed to feel human, for gods' sake. The Meat Puppets rocked. They were fantastic. It was a great show. Y'all should have been there. There was almost a mosh pit (there would have been one, but the Orange Peel disapproves of such goings on, so they had some poor guy in an orange T-shirt that said Intern on it standing there with his arms crossed, frowning sternly at would be moshers) and there was even a guy who C christened the Fun Nazi - he kept running around in circles, leaping a bit, skipping almost - and telling everyone to Dance! It's the fuckin' Meat Puppets! Move your lazy asses!! He was adorable although, okay, it is beginning to come to my attention that my generation is just sort of getting uglier by the minute. Middle age, thou art not attractive. Whence the lissome, skinny young punks of yesteryear? Whence, oh lord, their hair? They are no longer skinhead by choice, methinks and all that PBR hath taken up permanent residence on their middle section. Like it has on mine.

But who cares? The music was awesome. Although the opening act was kind of like The Unholy Spawn of Heart and Nirvana - still, they had a couple of good songs. And really, it's tough to be an opening band - 90% of the time noone wants to hear you and they're not always very polite about it.


Lee H. said...

Yay Meat Puppets! I'm glad ya got in and enjoyed the show. Love the pic of the shadowy crowd.

haskell said...

Did you know the Orange peel once housed a roller skating rink? I wonder if that's the original floor (re-finished, of course)?