Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gossipy Update on the 40 Foot Bike Guy

Asheville is a small town. This morning, when I arrived at the river to run the dogs (and no, I'm not even going to say where I go, because it's usually deserted and I like it that way) there were two kayakers already there, getting ready to put in. I see these guys occasionally and I am always amazed at their dedication - I mean, it's all I can do to roll out of bed and into the car with the dogs. Usually I'm still in my pajamas, even. There is no way I could actually kayak at 7 am. Granted, I can't kayak at any time, or at least I never have, but still. So anyway, I overheard kayak guys talking about 40 foot bike guy. "He got his tail caught in the scaffolding," said one guy, "That's why he overbalanced." Hmmm. At first I was all set to say, hey, I was there and I didn't see that, but I didn't actually dare to stop long enough to talk to them because I was afraid that if I did, the dogs would enthusiastically pee on their kayaks. Somehow I felt that would be one of those terrible park faux pas, like the time my old dog Toby peed on a guy's leg at Patterson Park and I had to explain that it was simply because he (the pee-ee, not the pee-er) was wearing brown pants and a green shirt and Toby thought he was a tree. A simple mistake any dog could make.

Anyhow, on looking back at the picture, I think maybe kayak guy was right. You can see that his (bike guy, not kayak guy) tail or train or streamers or whatever you call those purple ribbon-y things coming off his hat or shirt, are extended to the left, towards the scaffolding. So perhaps that was what went wrong. Who knows?

This update has been brought to you by the totally unreliable overheard in the park news network.


Kyle said...
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Kyle said...


He broke his knee in 3 places when he fell off his "training" bike. So that probably had something to do with it. :)

The fact that he went for the record even after such a fall is pretty tough.