Thursday, September 06, 2007

project 365 #248: kitchen counter just before dinner

I'm about to be famous again. I doubt it will last 15 minutes, but it's still making me nervous. Apparently the Mountain Xpress is doing one of those "Hey, check out local bloggers! Aren't they just." . . whatever it is that we are this year. Cute, maybe. Hopefully cute, because the photographer from the paper came over and took like forty minutes worth of photos of me and the dogs. I suppose it's too much to hope that the article is actually on the dogs. Not Particularly Famous Local Bloggers Pets! Yeah, catchy. I did get the dogs to do their trick, which is awesome.Their trick is impressive. It's called "Looking Very Attentive When There Are Treats Around." They're good at it.

In other news, I've spent the evening reading the New Yorker food issue and eating. Sometimes I wonder why I can't lose weight and then I bethink myself of things like the New Yorker food issue and the Travel Channel which is apparently the Food Channel in mufti, given that it runs Anthony Bourdain marathons. I have a mild crush on Anthony Bourdain and I was hungover on Monday, and the couch was folded out into a bed since A spent the night the night before and, well, yeah, okay, I confess: I lay down and watched five straight hours of Anthony Bourdain making his cosmopolitan way around the world. And ate. He ate amazing Mexican mole things; I ate french fries. He ate Vietnamese noodle salads; I ate peanut butter. He ate organic cheese made in a stone barn in the snow; I ate Kraft and a bag of generic barbecue potato chips. You get the idea. We had us a good ole time, Tony and me. I'm seriously thinking about Weight Watchers.

I can't quite believe I'm thinking about Weight Watchers - I'm just not, um, normal enough, for one thing - but apparently they're going to open up a center or have meetings or whatever it is that they do right around the corner from where I work on Wednesday evenings. This has struck me as a gift from the fat gods. I mean, the skinny gods - the ones whose muscle tone looks so awesome in marble. Some years back, a couple of my friends lost a lot of weight with Weight Watchers, though. They kind of liked it. One of them told me, "Look, you can save up all your points by just not eating anything for a day or two and then you can drink a whole bottle of wine, and then after that you don't care anyway, so you can have another one." At the time, this struck me as a dubious strategy at best, but that was a few years ago. Now, I think it's a sound plan with definite possibilities, if you can substitute PBR for red wine. I think I'm going to do it. Think. Maybe. Possibly. We'll see.

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