Monday, October 01, 2007

project 365 #270: blog party awards and smoke

Thanks, y'all.

Okay, I went to the party. I got horrendously drunk. And I sort of swept the awards, thanks to all of y'alls kind voting. I am now the Official Queen of the Blogosphere, so, um, watch out. Soon there will be purges. Definitely there must be a court. And a throne and shit. Or, on the other, possibly saner hand, let's not and say we didn't.

I am really touched and kind of embarrassed and, uh, I don't know what to say here except, gee, um, thanks. In the immortal words of Sally Field, it would appear that you like me, you really like me! Perhaps I should institute a tip jar. ;-) I am honored, actually, really honored and very proud and also, to all of y'all who voted for me as the person they most want to have a beer with: this goal is eminently achievable once I fully recover from the hangover spawned by winning all those awards. Which may take a while.

Anyway, thank you. Seriously. Thank you. And huge thanks to Screwy Hoolie for arranging all this, to Edgy Mama for giving out prizes (I so know it was you who selected that Pop Up Book of Sex. It is beautiful. I am so embarrassed. You know I'm a secret prude, don't you? I just stuck it in the bookshelf and I'm wondering how long it will take young M to sniff it out.) to K & J for hosting yet another fantastically wonderful party (sorry I left my stuff strewn all over your yard, um, yes, I know, I was shedding large clumps of belongings at the end there) and again to everyone for everything. Y'all rock.


Edgy Mama said...

You rock!

I didn't actually vote for you in the "Blogger I'd most like to have a beer with." Because, ummmmmm, been there, done that.

Yes, I chose the Pop-up Book of Sex for you, but Ash bought it! It is rather titillating in a sexy comic book pop-up drawing way. Made me blush.

Jennifer Saylor said...

LOL what EM said.

Felicity, you made me LOL again already, and your writing is so vital and funny and excellent, and I still want to have a beer with you.

I voted for you in like 3 different categories and was delighted to see you win huge. Your tipsiness last night only adds to the mystique, IMO. :0)

mygothlaundry said...

It is a seriously sexy book. I think I should hide it or put a plain brown wrapper on it or something. But instead, hee hee, I put it in with the cookbooks because it's a bit oversized and that's where I had room. And, hell, it is sort of a cookbook! Now I'm just waiting for the first person to spot it.

Thanks, Jennifer. You would think at my advanced age I would realize that empty stomach (really empty given several preceding days of illness) plus beer plus bourbon plus more beer plus acute stage fright and total nerves = extremely bad behavior on my part. But. Apparently I will never learn these things. Eeesh. I promise I am not always that out of control. Sometimes, yes, but not always.