Friday, October 05, 2007

Blood and Earrings

Well, I didn't go get the CT scan today. I feel (mostly) better. And my blood tests came back and it turns out that my blood is incredibly healthy; so healthy that it should be sold at an Earthfare for vampires. This gives me an odd feeling of pride; it's pretty weird, I know, but I've never been proud of my blood before. Good blood, I'm thinking to myself in a self satisfied way, good for you, most excellent blood! These blood tests also mean that my liver is just fine and I can happily resume my horrible alcoholic lifestyle. Or, well, I could if I wanted, but my great blood doesn't, apparently, stop the hangovers, one of which I'm sporting today since I had, gasp, four beers last night and that was apparently enough for full hangover misery. Two of them were Green Man Ales though and I have never, ever been able to drink Green Man Ales, which was kind of embarrassing when I worked for them, I must say. It doesn't seem to matter who the brewer is, either, or which beer I try. Two of their beers and I will have a splitting, miserable headache the next day.

No doubt partially due to this, I have on one earring today. I thought the other one was in my purse, but it isn't. That is to say, this morning when I put on one earring, I thought oh yeah, the other one is in my purse. Then I promptly forgot about it; did not look in purse, just wandered out the door with one earring. This is nothing much: the kicker is that I repeated this scenario. Several times. Like, probably 15 times or so: reach up to ear, think, shit, I'm only wearing one earring! The other one is in my purse! And then promptly forget. Finally, around 2:00 I actually looked in my purse. No earring. And now I know I have only one earring on. Oh well. At least the hangover is finally gone.


Edgy Mama said...

So why no CT scan? Because you have such good blood?

I'm so glad it's not just me with the Green Man brew! I don't even drink their beer anymore at Jack of the Wood because just one gives me an evil hangover.

mygothlaundry said...

God, I'm glad they make you sick too. I always thought it was me. It's too bad, because I really like Dirty Jacks, and a good friend of mine works there and everything, but that's the only beer they serve, of course, and even one is way too many for me. It tastes good but it's just not worth it.