Thursday, October 18, 2007

project 365 #290: stripey kneesocks

I forgot my cookie. This is terrible. Lunch just isn't the same without my cookie, even though I had one of those stern talks with myself this morning about losing weight and about how if I could just zip my purple corduroy skirt all the way up then I would have reached my goal and so on. I had to have this talk because I went to see my mom last night and she gave me a couple of Earthfare coupons she got in the mail, including a $5 off one that expired yesterday so I had to go there after I left her house. I went into Earthfare for Emergen-C and soap and I came out with those things and pizza and sushi and yogurt and bread and, god help me, cookies. And then I left my cookie at home where Django probably ate it. Sorrow.

Yesterday I wore the aforementioned corduroy skirt and these kneesocks, even though I grant you that striped kneesocks are more than a little jejune and perhaps, now that I am well over 40, I should give them up. I worried about this a little all day but decided that my happiness at seeing my socks outweighed my fear of looking like an idiot. Y'all will have noted that many things outweigh that particular fear. Sometimes I think I should cut my hair into a sensible bob and dye it a real color like brown or gray and change my raggedy bohemian wardrobe for suits and slacks and those jeans that come up to your ribcage and have pleats, take the stickers off my car and throw out my sci fi novels and Halloween decorations, so that I could quietly blend in. Thank the gods that sometimes is not all the times or I would throw myself into the river one fine morning and not look back.


PA_Lady said...

Remembering all the fun you had with Comcast, I thought you'd enjoy this:

Woman attacks Comcast customer service keyboard with hammer after waiting two hours and then being told the manager has gone home for the day.

Arwen said...

That's funny that you say that because when I think about quitting my corporate job the first thing I want to do is wear funky clothes and dye my hair all sorts of colors.
I would think boring clothes actually makes you stick out in AVL.