Friday, October 26, 2007

mediareport and mygothlaundry

Last night was a Metafilter meetup wherein I met mediareport, pictured here, who is a super cool person from Raleigh (so supercool that we ran into a mutual friend at the Flying Frog; said friend being a noted local author/reporter type who spoke glowingly to me of mediareports total reportage talents and also a radio show he had in college), and the also very cool lazaruslong and Benjamin Mushnutt (or Nushmutt, I cannot keep it straight, but anyway he's the accordion player in a very awesome band who played at Bobo last night.) I also hung out with my friend J, who I met at the very first Asheville Metafilter meetup about two or three years ago and who is, of course, now a good friend. So we almost doubled the numbers of mefites partying in Asheville (I'm not counting Bunnystock) and it was much fun.

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for South Carolina (the new tent poles I ordered for the Eureka came, let us hope they work) and another party that I'm completely looking forward to and there should be lots and lots and lots of blurry pictures of bonfires and improbable instruments and barbecue coming your way late Sunday or Monday. On Sunday after I get back I will either a) crash totally or b) go see the New Pornographers at the Orange Peel. Option a is of course far more likely but I'm not giving up hope, since I'd really, really, really like to see the New Pornographers.

And now, since I'm exhausted even thinking about all this and it's been a long week, on top of the whirlwind o' fun that was speed dating, I am going to bed. I'll see y'all on either Sunday or Monday.

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zen said...

hope you had a great time!