Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Waiting for the Ink to Dry

I'm making art. I'm so excited - I can't believe I'm slowly, bit by bit, making art again. I spent all afternoon making two small linoleum cuts and now when the ink is dry I'm going to scan them. One of them I will then fuck with further, until it is a digital masterpiece. This one is for the mefi mail art swap. The other one I have a half assed plan to turn into a series and then into greeting cards, thus generating some much needed income to Felicity's household. Ah yes. It's like all this unemployment free drinking time has finally pulled my head together so I can do art again. About goddamn time. When I saw K last week, she asked me how my work was going and talked about my paintings, and about what a "gifted painter I was. Blew me right away.

Many years ago I had a British/Polish painter lover in New York. We didn't like each other much but we had sex like crazed weasels on irregular intervals for a few months. He told me that I couldn't be a writer and a painter; I had to choose one or the other or be doomed to suck at both. "Who do you think you are?" he said, in that goddamn knee melting accent, "William fucking Blake?"

And, not really due to that, but more to kids and jobs and life and shit, I slowly stopped making art and just wrote press releases and drank a lot. But now maybe I can add my own bad freaky art back into my repertoire - and it will be okay. That would be good. I lost 4 hours this afternoon just working on prints. Well, that and yelling at Jackson every 7 minutes or so. That dog will kill me yet.

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