Thursday, August 11, 2005

fish n plant

fish n plant
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This is what I got/made (combined, I guess) for my friend J for her birthday. I carried it down to the Flying Frog, too, and put it on the table to surprise her. I was helped in this whole endeavor by A, whose original idea it was, and by the container gods, who gave me the idea of using the big plastic dog biscuit bin to carry the fish safely downtown, and by the parking goddess, who reserved a miraculous space for me on Haywood Street.

I like that gargoyle - now I want one. That's the problem with birthday shopping, you see things you want, like gargoyles and these really totally adorable octopus windchimes that I saw at the florist. Ah well. Maybe when I get a job! Anyway J really liked it and that's the important thing. Yay happy birthday to J! You'll always be 4 years younger than me, you lucky beeyatch.

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