Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Have to Get My Shit Together

I really do. This has been a great vacation but it's gotten ridiculous. I'm broke, I'm bored, and I'm PMSing and furious with myself and the world. I had all these plans when I started this work hiatus and I have accomplished precisely NONE of them. All I've done for the last 3 weeks is drink & be hungover, surf the internet, eat, read and sleep a lot. I need to grow up, stop drinking & smoking, get a job and get my shit firmly together.

Here it is nearly noon and all I've done is clean up the puddle a dog left in the hallway last night, snarl a lot and surf the net. The house is trashed, the grass needs to be mowed, the garden is full of weeds, I've gained back the 7 pounds I lost in May and June - enough. Enough. I'm tired of being the oldest known living worthless drunken slacker chick. I'm tired of living at the Westville Pub.

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