Thursday, August 25, 2005


We had an earthquake last night. Seriously. Right here in Asheville. Look! That's Fox. They never lie. Of course.

WLOS said "Mountain Earthquake
An earthquake rattles the mountains, fortunately leaving only minor damage behind.
The 3.8 magnitude earthquake caused a small rockslide on Highway 209 about a mile outside of Hot Springs in Madison County. The quake struck at 11:09 pm Wednesday night. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it lasted 1.42 seconds and was centered in the French Broad River, about two miles from Hot Springs. Officials say earthquakes here are common because we are on a fault line.((Posted at 6:00 am, 08/25/05))"

Well, I felt it and so did M. I was just getting ready for bed, in fact I had taken my pants off, when the house shook. I couldn't figure out what had happened; it was the weirdest feeling. I kind of thought possibly a helicopter had landed in the backyard (it felt like a helicopter sounds, if that makes any sense) or maybe a demon had come up through the cellar floor again, so I put my jeans back on, thinking that it would be good to be dressed in case we had to evacuate or it was Armageddon or something. In case of rapture, it's best to be fully clothed. M was all freaked out and we looked out the windows, then got A out of her room to ask if she had heard or felt it, but she hadn't, which made her mad. She called one of her friends with a TV who told her that it was indeed a real honest to god earthquake. So we all stood around the computer to get the pitifully few details, as above. A then demonstrated how she personally would surf on an earthquake if we got another one and this time it was louder than her window fan, and I went back to bed.

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