Monday, June 29, 2009

kitchen moth 2

kitchen moth 2
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The weekend is just never long enough. On the bright side, the second bed is finished, mosaicwise, and just waiting for Adam to grout it. Also, I read like four books this weekend and lay around a lot, so, you know, all good. On the dark side, however, the house is trashed again; the porch, garage, outside back wall and blue room remain unpainted; the garage stays unorganized; the laundry is not done; the trellis is not built, nor is the torii gate and Miles protests at pesto from the garden for dinner - pesto because I don't get paid until tomorrow. On the bright side of that last, though, he'll stop complaining about pesto promptly or just as soon as he gets the Zucchini Surprise that's on the menu for tonight. I agree that it is too bad that the garden does not grow hamburgers but what are you gonna do? The neighbors who kindly slow down to tell me how much they love my front yard garden would probably not be as thrilled by free range cows.

In other news, Susan has been working like a maniac on Annie's website and today I finally got her a draft of Annie's bio, which assignment has been blocking me ridiculously for ages. Annie has done too much wild stuff in her life to be reduced to 500 or even 995 words and I keep thinking there's a book there, which is probably why I was unable to write even a decent paragraph for bloody ever. Anyway soon there will be a big website launch party and some publicity and, hopefully, a gallery show which may go some distance to making her hate Asheville less, although I don't think she really does anyway.

In other other news, there isn't any. Phew.


eemilla said...

He hates pesto? Be happy that you get all to yourself!

Salty Miss Jill said...

Freshly grown pesto and zucchini before grocery day? Ungreatful child.

mygothlaundry said...

Heh he got over it and I've managed to put zucchini in every single other thing I've made and he hasn't noticed. Anyway he gets a pass on pesto - he's allergic to pine nuts. Even though I make it with sunflower seeds he still remembers the horrible rash that followed the pesto when he was little.