Friday, June 26, 2009

admiral still life

admiral still life
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The party party weekend has already begun and it isn't even really the weekend yet: and things were done and done again in watermelon sugar, with apologies to Richard Brautigan and a side note that damn, he's dead just like Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson and when he went I cried, but then writers are always more real to me than movie stars and musicians or whatever the hell Michael Jackson was. If I was going to cry for him I'd have done it long ago, when the cute boy from the Jackson 5 went away and was replaced by, well, whatever the hell that was. But age will do that to you and lately I've been feeling every minute of my own, even thinking glumly that it was probably time to go out and buy old lady undergarments and old lady clothing and stop trying to kid myself and the world. Tempus and fugit and all that fun shit.

HOWEVER! My, I did not mean to get all glum this morning, because actually I've been having a high old time of it. On Wednesday I stopped by the Admiral for that fabled and mythological "just one beer or maybe two" and, of course, because I am deeply blessed to live where I do and have the kind of fun alkie friends that I do, they all showed up one by one and two beers doubled and so on until yesterday I was a hurting unit (look! 80s slang! I think! Or was it 90s? Hideously dated in either case!) in the morning. There is no stopping when you are on a roll, though, because last night Audrey's old friend - and mine, too, because damn if she hasn't grown up and now is, somehow, a member of my more or less peer group, 15 years is a huge stretch when you're 30 and they're 15 but somehow less so 15 years later - Emily came to stay the night with her husband John. They live in LA with four dogs and run a really interesting nonprofit based in trailers that does awesome thing with kids; spend a little time on that website, y'all, and be impressed. They are currently driving an MIT designed sustainable FEMA trailer across the country and stopped here for a well deserved day off. It was great to see them and I made dinner and we drank a lot of beer - they brought me crab chips and Natty Boh! It was awesome! - and that was Thursday.

Tonight it is possible - nay, probable - that I will be attending the Beer City Bash, because they are using some of my photos - turns out that taking endless pictures of beer, not unlike the one you see here, can be useful after all and not just to document my own slow descent into alcoholism - and so they kindly gave me a free ticket. We all know I am incapable of turning down free tickets and/or free beer so tonight, yes, I will be out and about yet again. Then I will spend the weekend recovering and gloating over my garden which has finally beaten the mulchy soil blues and is growing gangbusters all over the place. Soon I will be giving away free squash; watch this space for your chance to win zucchini! Ah big fun and the hell with being old.


Salty Miss Jill said...

First time visitor here, and you are indeed a lady after my own black heart. God bless you for being you.

mygothlaundry said...

Thanks! So that is what happens when the Morton salt girl with her inexplicable umbrella grows up - awesome!