Saturday, June 27, 2009

my garden overfloweth

my garden overfloweth
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It's a windy hot beautiful Saturday and it's been so long since I had a day off that I don't know what to do with myself. I watered the garden and gloated for a bit over how amazing all these veggies are looking - as always, I planted too much zucchini; I will never learn - and any minute now I'm going to get up out of here and go to the bookstore and the thrift shop. Is this what people do when they don't have to work? It's brilliant. I also ate all the crab chips that Emily & John brought us from Baltimore - well, the ones that Miles didn't eat; nobody in this family can withstand the lure of crab chips - and they were as always incredibly delicious. If we still lived in Baltimore we probably wouldn't care, but their rarity makes them precious & doubly tasty. I'm going to get fat and I do not care.

In other news I went to the Beer City Bash last night and I tell you what, that is IT. I am never going back to the stupid Orange Peel unless there's a band there I absolutely have to see. There is no point in putting up with the general horribleness of that venue unless there's incredible music to compensate and I do mean incredible - just okay is not enough. It was packed and hot and loud and waiting in line for half a fucking hour for 9 ounces of beer that some asshole will then spill all over you as he shoves obliviously past is not worth it. So we all split and went to the Admiral and had a lovely time.

I finished The Dark Tower books and now I need something new to devour and also to wipe them out of my memory. They weren't bad, exactly, but something, somehow, didn't work and I think it was the way Stephen King wrote himself into the story that sent me around the bend. Metafiction whatever, hubris is what I calls it and it got on my nerves. Also, the plot was more full of holes than, well, something really full of holes, perhaps the Albert Hall.

Now I am off to thrift, I swear. Annie has a cold and is in bed, poor thing, and perhaps I will bring her flowers later.


Petulant said...

I have followed your gardening experience and I am so happy additives made your crops happy. I am giddy. Happy Harvesting F!

Ya won't get fat with fresh veggies unless you fall prey to the stick of butter. Oops. Projection!

Happy eatin!

mygothlaundry said...

The lure of butter is as nothing to the lure of CHEESE. Fresh veggies are so much better with CHEESE and BREAD. Yum. Fuck calories, they're a communist plot.

Emily said...

Man, that looks cool! But you better fill in the cylinder blocks, or put caps on the tops..when it ices and freezes and unfreezed 80 or so times those suckers are gonna crumble..

mygothlaundry said...

Yeah, capping them is on the agenda. I'm thinking just cement with random pebbles & shiny bits stuck in - I am not going to get all fancy, no, no I am not.

Edgy Mama said...

Julie from Bruisin' Ales dragged me all over the O.P. because she wanted to meet you face to face. I even tried to call you at one point. Oh well.

We had the "old folks" lounge going in the front area, where the music was muted, a cool breeze blew through the windows, and there was no beer line! So it wasn't so bad. But I'm with you on the rest of it.