Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Obama Lava Lamp at Big Lots

Check out this lava lamp. Is it not the perfect way to express your undying devotion to The Leader? Is it not tasteful and restrained, dignified and elegant? Yes. It is all those things and I can't believe I didn't buy it. But, alas, I did not buy it - I'm clearly an idiot but I already have one lava lamp and I feel that really, we are a one lava lamp kind of family. I was at Big Lots this afternoon because, of course, as you know if you follow my plaintive mutterings on Twitter, the air conditioning has been out in my office for a week now and finally they came to fix it and when they started talking about cutting holes in my office walls I was forced to leave work and go to Big Lots. Such is life. I adore Big Lots.

Anyway, don't get the idea that I don't adore Barack Obama, because I do. My subconscious, which is attracted to Democratic presidents, even presented me with a Barack Obama dream a few months ago. In the dream, we were going to get married, although we were going to wait four years and do our best not to hurt Michelle or the girls. No, we were going to do that affair thing with as much dignity as possible. I felt guilty when I woke up - if I ever had to choose between a night or two with Barack and a night or two out on the town with Michelle, I'm telling you, it would be tough. Contrast this with the dream I had years ago about Bill Clinton, where we just had hot monkey sex and no talk was made of marriage. Then again, going out drinking with Hilary never struck me as fun, whereas I bet going out drinking with Michelle would be awesome.

In other news, I got SIX PICTURES into DITLOA and I am STOKED and heading momentarily to the Admiral to gloat. YAY ME! I am a genius photographer whose camera, sadly, is currently being fixed. But my brother is going to loan me his camera so do not fear, there will be no shortage of pictures. Some of them may be of dogs, even.


haskell said...

C'mon, you gotta buy that lamp to be a true Obama Mama!

Will you tell us which of your photos were selected for DITLOA or will it be obvious?

mygothlaundry said...

Here they are!

haskell said...

Yay! Congrats!