Tuesday, June 23, 2009

crystal egg

crystal egg
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I'm still at work - I did come in late yesterday, though - but I'm wearing my amethyst necklace. Yes, that's the amethyst necklace I was trying to talk myself out of - I bought it. Of course I did, because I have no self control and, you know, it was purple and shiny. Oh well. My daughter says it is a bit gothy; I think it might be a little too blingy for me and we both are right but I do not care, because I bought it and now I will wear it, gothiness & bling factor be damned. Anyway, now that I'm getting really old I can wear huge blingy jewelry - it's one of the few perks of age that etiquette wise, it's appropriate for the aged to wear mongo jewelry. Maidens, you see, are supposed to be content with a couple of flowers and possibly a gold chain. Unfortunately, nobody under the age of 80 knows or cares about that stuff anymore and, frankly, even when my mother was instructing me on such things back in the dim departed days, I did not care.

I took the dogs to Hominy Creek Park this morning and it put me into a foul and miserable mood that I may never shake. I don't think I'll bother going back. The bulldozers have reached the park proper and the road they're building is a sea of orange mud and ecological devastation. The fence keeping everyone away from the river and any brushes with wildlife or plants is firmly in place and, well, fuck it. I could bitterly point out that yes, while I should be so happy that they're making a park and not a subdivision, they certainly are putting infrastructure into place for luxury riverfront homes should anyone ever decide to plop some down there. I'm sure it's coincidental that there are suddenly big signs advertising land for sale right on the corner. Purely coincidental.

In other news of ecological devastation I cleaned my house up last night or, rather, began the process. The smell got to me. The smell, which I have noticed on and off since I moved in, seems to be coming from the dishwasher/sink area and it is BAD, as in, it smells like something crawled in there, surrounded itself with rotting vegetables and then died. I have tried pouring bleach down the drains and pouring vinegar and baking soda down the drains and chanting at it and rinsing the trash can out with bleach and lysol and crying, but nothing has worked until, finally, in desperation and against advice, I ran a packet of cherry koolaid through the dishwasher. It seems to be working: so far so good and my dishwasher did not even turn pink (that was kind of disappointing, but oh well.) My house is almost habitable again. Let's hope it stays that way for a couple days, for more houseguests are on the horizon - I had no idea that all one needed to attract houseguests was a guestroom, but lo, build one and they will come.


haskell said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of the 'wilderness.' Do you walk the dogs all the way there or do you drive part way? Because if the latter, won't the conversion of the old junkyard into parkland at least make your walk easier? Just trying to look for a silver lining.

Btw it's probably not fair to others that I usually post the first comment, so I think from now on I'll wait till your blog shows up on facebook and comment there.

Cheer up, Fliss!

haskell said...

Oops, I meant 'the former' not 'the latter'in the second sentence above.