Monday, June 08, 2009

Out in the Woods

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I spent the weekend not checking my email and so, naturally, I didn't find out my brother was flying in tonight until he called, irritated, to see why I hadn't replied. Ordinarily the only people who would be peeved at me for not checking email are the ones with improbable names who have major, major SEO deals to offer this website or possibly stuff to make my penis larger, stronger and better but of course, when I leave the computer, stuff happens on the damn internet.

What was I doing while I wasn't looking at a monitor? Well, I mosaiced a little; I drank some beer; I went to the Faces of Asheville and then out to a cheesy cheesy bar with a cheesy cheesy but very sweet band where Susan, egads, met a guy. I did not, of course. But I did have fun. And on Saturday night I hung out with Susan's cousin Laura who is very cool and then on Sunday Susan and Kyle and Annie and Mojo and I all hopped into a Honda and went on out to Bat Cave to hang out with Dianna and Ruby and the two goats and two dogs and innumerable chickens and a couple of mostly invisible cats and Maestro the psychopathic parrot. We had fun and Mojo got to meet his new half brother and be reunited with Cookie Bob, his mother. We are unsure if he realized that she was his mother or not, given that some of the activities he was trying to pursue were not of the sort one ought to pursue with one's mother unless one's name is Oedipus.

Then we came on home and I went on over the Patton Avenue bowling alley for Aric's birthday, which was very fun and involved both beer and cake and, hey, bowling, at which I am very bad. I like bowling though because I get to wear my freaky bowling shirt and make a fool of myself with no repercussions, always a nice relief.

Then I came home and would have gone promptly to bed except that I could not sleep. This hardly ever happens to me - usually it's staying awake that I find problematic - but last night was a lovely visit to one of those full on horrible nightmare insomniaplexes of the mind. Therefore I have been tired and out of it, whatever it is, all day. I think I'm getting my second wind, though, which is good, because I am still at work and I will likely be here for a while yet, oh sigh. Oh sigh indeed - there is a particularly annoying commercial on 98.1 the River (which, by the way, is a really good new radio station) featuring a woman excitedly explaining the joys of something called the Sun Angel which I gather is a tanning machine. "Le sun!" she shouts, "Le joy! Le TAN!" and I say, inevitably, "Le barf." Because I am eternally eight.


H said...

So N flew into town just in time for the Phish show, eh? I didn't know N was a Phish head. ;-)

Earth Fare said...

I try to make it a thing that I don't really check my email on the weekends. It just seems to interrupt the flow of everything if you do. I have clients that think it's OK to contact me all hours of the day, night, weekday or weeknight. So, I just blissfully turn them off.

Sounds like you had a really nice weekend!