Monday, June 15, 2009

sunset from the bridge

No computer at home - gods only know why; I haven't called charter yet - and no time at work. That may be the blogging epitaph of this week; although maybe, just maybe, I can get the internet returned to me at home. One hopes.

In other news, let's see, my brother Nat & I took Annie to the studio stroll yesterday, briefly, and then to the Flying Frog for a bloody mary. On Friday night I had an impromptu post DITLOA party which meant that I got nothing done on Saturday except managing to read my way through Steven King's Gunslinger books 3 and 4. Now I have to go find books 5, 6 and 7 for I am well and truly hooked. Yesterday I mosaiced (which led to me cleaning mosaics this morning at 8:30 in my pajamas) and, um, I think that was the weekend. It's going to be a long work week for me this week, sigh, and I'm already tired. But it will all be okay.

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