Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sir richard bishop and the freak of araby

So I got dragged out of my lair last night and down to the Grey Eagle to see Sir Richard Bishop, who is an old friend of my younger brother. My brother, who is currently visiting me from Albuquerque, is friends with about a bazillion musicians who always seem to be playing in Asheville when he is here. I am envious of this ability of his and also, most of his musician friends tend to be insanely talented. Not that mine are not, but they're a bit more, um, obscure, or they really only play places like The Livingroom as opposed to the Grey Eagle or the Orange Peel. Anyway, I had never heard of Richard Bishop but he turns out to be a) really nice and b) an awesome guitar player. The music was sort of Surf Punk Meets Electronica from the Middle East and while that does not, I grant you, sound promising, actually it was AMAZING and I loved it. However, I didn't go to bed until 2:00. My dogs may never be walked again and I probably should just resign myself to the fact that because I seem incapable of giving up either beer or food, I am not going to ever be slim, slender and attractive again. Oh well. Music like this makes it all okay.

In other news, I'm reading Steven King's Dark Tower books. I think I read one or two of them some years back but now I'm trying to do it all at once, in order, which might get difficult because I currently only have books 1- 3. However I bet I can find the rest but that is not what I wanted to talk about; what I wanted to talk about is the scene in Book 3 where the intrepid trio of adventurers are attacked by a giant bear - Bearzilla, it is called. This bear bears (oooh! ow!) more than a passing resemblance to the great boars in Princess Mononoke, right down to its title, which is Forest Guardian and its disease, which is nasty white wormy parasite thingies in its nose. I find this interesting and I am contemplating an Ask Metafilter question about it, because I want to know if the giant animal with crazy making worms who guards the forest is actually an old Japanese mythological theme or did King steal it from Miyazaki or vice versa? I am curious, yo, and googling has gotten me nowhere.

And there is no other other news, except that I am eagerly anticipating going home, making a delicious casserole, reading more Steven King and going to bed early, oh yes please goddess.

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