Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday At Last

This morning in a fit of clothing induced despair I cut the top off my pink polka dotted sundress. Now it is a skirt and actually, this was a wildly successful clothing changeover, if I do say so myself. Well, wildly successful as long as I wear a long shirt over the top, which is just cut, not hemmed or anything and the zipper is long and must be tucked down inside of it. Still, it worked better than the dress ever did and caused me to feel better about my mad alteration skillz and my wardrobe, which seems to have all been bought in one of those crazed hormonal moments when I was thinking I was actually going to lose 15 pounds and would look good in pink.

I'm a little sticky on the subject of clothes right now because it has come to my attention that somebody I know always makes a point to compliment my apparel when I'm wearing a bra. I believe this is her passive/aggressive way of telling me I should wear a bra all the time. I hate bras. Bras are a tool of the patriarchy used to oppress women! Bras are designed to keep women under control and in their place! Bras exist so men won't have to be confronted by real breasts! Breasts should fly free and unfettered as the Goddess intended! And besides, bras are fucking uncomfortable and I hates them. Nevertheless, I'm getting the impression that I need to shoehorn myself back into the proper lady undergarments. My daughter, who you would think would be more all Up the Revolution given that she is my daughter and when she was two we taught her to pipe out ANARCHY when she was asked what her political statement was, is also a member of the pro bra contingent. She has been known to say things like "God, Mom, go put a bra on or I'm not going anywhere with you. Ewww." Sigh. So I'm wearing one more often lately. They're uncomfortable and if I go postal it's all the fault of the bras.

In other news I slept something like 12 hours on Wednesday night and it was delightful, even though I felt when I woke up as if I'd been running a sleep marathon. My brother is still in town and we went out to Salsas last night with Haskell and Jodi for dinner, which was excellent and fun and yum, margaritas. Then the guys went on to see X at the Orange Peel while Jodi and I, who are lame, went on to our respective houses where I, at least, slept the sleep of the just. I will be doing more of that over the next week because next week is my crunch week at work and I am not going out at all starting Monday, until, possibly, the following Sunday. Maybe I'll lose ten pounds (Oh mad hope that flashes eternal!) and look great in ten days. Or not.

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eemilla said...

Have you ever tried having a bra fitter measure you? It might help you find a bra that isn't uncomfortable, and by all means avoid Victoria's Secret. Their bras are uncomfortable, poorly made, and expensive.