Wednesday, July 01, 2009

beware finch you are watched

Well I have learned my lesson: Theo is always right. I should always listen to Theo, even, probably, when he's been barking at invisible squirrels and gotten stuck with his BARK button on. Those invisible squirrels pose a distinct menace to my health, happiness and the American way of life: Theo is never wrong. How do I know this? Because Theo has been saying for about three weeks now that there was something wrong with Django's ears. He's been licking them and licking them and looking at me and worrying and going on and on about it until I would finally take notice and say something unhelpful like, "Jesus, Theo, would you knock it off with Django's ears already? You're going to wear them down to nothing." Yes, I didn't listen and that is why, when Django woke me up at 4:30 Tuesday morning with his ears itching and hurting, which he was dealing with by crying under my bed and shaking his head violently, making my entire bed quake and rise an inch or so off the floor, that I felt like such a dumbass. I felt even more like a dumbass yesterday at the vet where they told me that Django's ears are horribly infected and he has to go in on Friday and be sedated so they can wash them all out and in the meantime he needs to be on heavy antibiotics. Naturally, if I'd taken him in three weeks ago all of this could have been nipped in the bud and cost way, way ,WAY less than it will now cost, not to mention, poor Django. Sometimes I suck as a dog mom and I swear I will listen more seriously to Theo although, god, I still cannot see that ghost he swears is trying to get into the livingroom three or four days a week.

Speaking of ghosts and similar creatures of the night, Miles and I watched Let the Right One In the other night and good lord, it is incredibly creepy and I recommend it heartily - despite the really bad, Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla level of dubbing - if you feel like getting completely creeped out. Miles now thinks the Swedes are the weirdest people on earth and, I guess, if you're judging by one strange vampire movie, they are. But if we're going to judge whole countries' weirdness quotients by their horror movie output than I stand behind Uzumaki and thus the Japanese as the weirdest people ever.

Meanwhile, my brother is about to show my aunt the bio I wrote on her for her website and I'm ridiculously nervous. Good heavens. I am so much more neurotic sometimes than I even think I am that it's kind of impressive. I should go make a creepy horror movie.


Kyle said...

Uuuzumakiiiii, uuuzumakiiii, uuuzumakiiii

I love that movie

Lee said...

I love "Uzumaki"! Haven't seen "Let The Right One In" yet, though, and I really want to.

Anonymous said...

How is Django doing?