Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Many 4 Letter Frustrations

Miles has been discovering the wonderful world of Ebay and it's driving him insane. Poor kid. Using the money he's been earning painting things and doing odd jobs, he bid on and won an xbox. All was well in his world until he realized that it was just barely possible that the xbox in question would not be leaving Kansas and arriving in Asheville at the speed of light. He might have handled the terrible discovery of actual delivery times better, however, if the seller had not then shipped the wrong item. Yup. He emailed us to explain that by mistake, he had shipped some other kind of xbox that is, according to the seller, better and, according to Miles, patently inferior. Me, I do not know from xbox, but I do know that being shipped the wrong thing is a drag, especially when you have to then wait for the wrong item to arrive so you can ship it back to get the right item shipped. Miles has been going nuts and creating dark tales of deception and trickery and I was actually beginning to agree, because the damn thing still had not shown up this afternoon. Until, thank the gods, at 4:30 it did. Now I get to ship it back to Kansas first thing in the morning, oh joy and hope the seller has the decency even after my last frantic freaked out email (the frustration got contagious) to send us the right thing and send it express this time for gods' sake.

So, Ebay, Xbox and now we come to Ipod, which was driving me nuts last night. It refuses to recognize these old cds of random (slight cough)perfectly legalish MP3s that I keep trying to get itunes to accept. First it will say that they're in the library and then it will say that they are not and then it simply will not play them, because no matter what I do, my ipod has preferences for certain songs when set on random and by god it will play those songs and no others. Which drives me to distraction. Also I can't figure out how to get it to import only certain songs on a CD and not all of them, which means I can't get anything off several mostly awful compilations I happen to own - don't ask me why we have a copy of something called Punk 101 from Hot Topic, but we do and if I recall correctly, it's actually not all bad. But I'm not going to risk putting the whole thing on there because my ipod loves the Ramones & the Clash above all and while that is a mostly very good thing, according to my tastes, I'm not sure I should let it hear any harder stuff.

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eemilla said...

Before you insert the CD go to the itunes preferences and on the general tab change the drop down box to "Show CD" rather than "Import CD" then you can uncheck the songs you don't want to import. Enjoy your trip!