Thursday, May 07, 2009

Whole Family

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Yesterday, I was so good I could hardly believe it myself. I went to work (where we had a tornado warning, which was cool) and then after work I actually went to the gym. Then I came home and had a (relatively, okay) low calorie healthy meal (tuna melts are low calorie if you think they are. They have celery in them.) and then I nobly turned down an invitation to the Admiral and stayed home drinking water and trying to watch Space Truckers with Audrey. Space Truckers! Not just Space Truckers, but the Limited Edition Space Truckers! Unfortunately, it sucked.

Maybe it got better, though. We had to give up because it was just not good enough to distract us from the heinous, heinous smell in the basement. Here's a question for you: Why does my basement smell like fermenting fruit? It's smelled like that since before I moved in and right now, given all this rain (too much of a good thing, anyone? Yes. Yes, it is too much.) the smell is strong. Bog of eternal stench strong. It goes away if I air it out but I am afraid to leave the basement doors and window open - I did that last weekend and at some point on Sunday night, some doubtless well meaning soul popped the screen off the window. Perhaps they wanted to make sure there were no homeless mosquitos out there. Whatever, the discovery of the screen (made by Pebble, who felt it was a definite home improvement, but she didn't actually do it, unless she then picked up the screen and leaned it tidily against the house) made me way uncomfortable and glad I have dogs. Granted, I rarely wake up when the dogs freak out in the middle of the night anymore, since 99% of the time it is a possum or a ghost or something, but still. I'm assuming the dogs scared the would be burglar away - or maybe he came in, saw my TV, which cost $200 at Wal Mart five years ago and left in disgust - which means they're worth their gigantic vet and food bills after all.

In other breaking wonderful news, Miles is home! I am totally excited and thrilled and looking forward to going home and hearing all the news from the mean streets of Baltimore, where he has been these last four or five months. I always breathe a huge sigh of relief when both my kids are right there with me - it's like the only time I can really, truly, completely relax - and I can't wait to get home and find the fridge and freezer denuded of food and my son complaining about the fact that I got rid of the cable. GODS it is going to be so good to see him.

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haskell said...

Apparently fermenting acorns smell similar to fermenting fruit. Are there many squirrels around? Also, some critters will scavenge and store fruit from gardens or trash cans. Do you or your neighbors have much fruit in their yards or trash?