Friday, May 01, 2009


django in flowers
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The house is completely clean. Not, of course, that I am the kind of slatternly wench who only really cleans when there are people coming over. Never! Not moi! Yeah, that would be why one day when I was vacuuming when Miles was 2 or 3 he turned around and excitedly asked me "Who's coming over?" Ah well. Anyway, it's pretty damn clean now.

Not only is it clean inside but Susan and I went to the herb fair and I bought many plants and they are all planted and, even better, the seeds I planted in the mosaic beds are sprouting like crazy and I'm all excited. Also, the incredibly nice man my neighbor turned me on to fixed my lawn mower so the yard is even halfway mowed. This is most excellent.

Anyway, in case you missed the ten zillion invitations and comments and so on, I'm having a party tomorrow night; email me if you would like to attend. It's basically an open party but it is a costume party so, you know, just get dressed up and come on over. There will be beer and finger food. No forks, no plates, none of that nonsense. Just fun.

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