Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Weekend

Saturday night I joined Librarything. Yeah, for a big exciting Saturday night, let me tell you, nothing, but nothing, beats signing up for Librarything and then starting to enter all your books by hand. I mean, who could wish for a more thrilling Saturday night then sitting on a stool in the living room, handwriting ISBN numbers into a small notebook with a purple sparkly pen and then going to the computer room and entering all those numbers into a database?! I cracked after 50 books; that's about when I realized that I was working and what's more, I was kind of enjoying it in a terrible, OCD, deep seated nerdly way. Now I have no idea when, if or how I'm going to get around to entering the 1200 or so more books in my house, because, honestly. I mean, honestly. That shit is wack. But, you know, it's going to bug me until I get it all done. But not all that much. I forecast completion sometime in the spring of 2012.

Fortunately, my lovely daughter called right while I was in the throes of this madness and then she came over, rescuing me from my own insanity. The next morning, which would be, yes, yesterday, was Mother's Day. I don't think we traditionally do much on Mother's Day - at least I've never thought there was much to it, certainly not enough gifts, worship from fawning, adoring offspring and all that sort of thing - but yesterday we did it up, for us. That is, first Miles told me he would teach me to ride his scooter and Audrey came over with flowers and a dahlia. Then we went to Pomodoros for brunch and it was actually awesome. I had never been there before - it's on the other side of town, okay? I don't like to go beyond my usual stomping grounds and/or, I am lame. Also, this one time we tried to go there and something about the place scared us off. - and I was way pleasantly surprised. The calamari was out of this world and the bloody marys were fantastic. However (there's always a however, you know) my entree, Eggs Benedicto, which was delicious and tiny, featuring perhaps the smallest pieces of foccaccia I've ever seen if they even existed, which I'm not sure they did, was supposed to come with grilled asparagus. And it did - 2 whole pieces. That is not coming with grilled asparagus, Pomodoros, that is a garnish.

Still it was all incredibly good, so, whatever. And it was sunny and gorgeous and then in the afternoon I finally got around to working on the mosaics again for a while and Jodi and Charles and Susan all dropped by and Miles and his friends were noisily working on scooters and it was all quite bucolic and pleasant. I even set up a personal ad on Yes, yes, I did. I haven't gotten a single response, which is par for the course for me and possibly a result of my panicking at the question _______ is sexy; ________ is sexier and then filling in the blanks with, respectively, Godzilla and Gamara. I can kind of see where that might scare off any prospective suitors, yeah. Oh well.

Anyway, my kids are AWESOME, I love my dahlias & my flowers & I am totally going to get a scooter lesson. So not a bad weekend all in all.

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