Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running Around

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I suddenly seem to have gone from quite mellow to full speed ahead which is not really surprising - it's what happens, alas, when you take procrastination to a fine art - and that's just at work. I need to go full speed ahead at home too, and I need to do it before some of the dust in the house achieves sapience, forms a civilization and takes over the world. It's amazing, really, how much time I can spend avoiding housework when it doesn't actually even take that long to do. But I would rather be doing cool fun stuff like this picture - which Susan made and I am totally going to copy this weekend. I have a funky "stone" head not unlike this one and I think it also needs a body, so a body it shall receive. Right as soon as I finish mosaicing the last two vegetable beds, planting the begonias and the bat flower and stitching up a summer weight quilt out of my mother's fabulous 70s designer scarves. Yes. Uh huh. Or I could just walk around in circles smoking and obsessing about calories, which is, let's face it, way way more likely to happen.

An old friend of mine from Spain just called; I talked to her a year ago when Annie first had her stroke and I hadn't spoken with her since. It was awesome to briefly catch up and also really wonderful to be able to report that Annie is doing fantastically well and is, I think, really pretty happy in her house here. Yes she still complains about being out in the boondocks and etc., (what IS it with New Yorkers? You would think they liked grime and noise and tiny tiny spaces all made of gray concrete.) but she's actually liking her house and her garden; she's busy - people are dropping by every day doing stuff with her and it's all good. So if you are reading this from Deia or to catch up on Annie Truxell, you will be glad to hear that she has recovered amazingly - really amazingly, nobody thought she would ever come this far - since a year ago and is totally as great as she ever was. And she likes mimosas.

Tomorrow is the last DITLOA meetup before the great project, y'all, so make plans to be at the Asheville Brewing Company on Coxe Avenue at 6ish or thereabouts to meet people and get your business cards and all that good stuff. Remember, DITLOA - Day in the Life of Asheville Photography Project - begins at noon on Friday the 23rd and continues until midnight Saturday. Yes, it is 36 hours which is not properly speaking a day but it turns out that 24 hours is simply not enough to capture all the wonderment of an actual day in Asheville and besides we had to put some of that time aside for drinking beer. Speaking of which, see you tomorrow night!

Oh oh and wait, I almost forgot, read this. I nearly fell off my office chair in hysterical laughter and I think that what my life is lacking might just be a three wolf shirt from Amazon. Yes.

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