Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ah Weekends

Last night Susan and I went to the Sky Bar. I'd never been there before and I've decided I'm tired of going only to Broadways and the Admiral - there are more bars in this town, by god, and I'm going to start going to them. It's extremely cool up at the Sky Bar. First off, you are escorted up in this old elevator by an actual elevator operator - a cute young elevator operator at that - and then when you come out of the elevator you are immediately escorted by a server to a deserted table on a metal deck looking down on the whole city of Asheville. It's totally awesome. I occasionally get kind of weird around heights but the Sky Bar, for some reason, didn't bother me a bit and I had a great time drinking beer and taking pictures.

Today I weeded the rose garden, whacked a bunch of weeds and tall grass, took a long nap and nothing else. I had a bunch of plans and even as I type this I am really avoiding going outside in the last bit of sunshine and working on the mosaics. I think I'm getting a cold, though. AIEEE SWINE FLU! PUT DOWN THE BACON AND BACK AWAY SLOWLY! Oh wait, that's not in the media anymore. So it must no longer exist, right? Anyway, it's either that, in which case it's all over or, possibly, something allergen producing has come into full and baleful flower: my nose is running like crazy and soon I'm going to have to actually use the pretty neti pot I bought at Earthfare in a moment of wealth tinged by sinus issues.

Miles bought a scooter yesterday from the crazy old man down the street, or, at least that's where he said he bought it. Miles and his friends are all scooter mad so there have been a whole bunch of scooters around all day and then the necessary accompliment to scooters: broken scooters with teenage boys taking them apart. The whole taking apart and putting back together of the scooter seems to be just as interesting if not more so than the actual riding of the things, which is good by me, because the time a scooter is lying there partially disassembled in my driveway with a bunch of teenagers talking about it seriously is more time that my son will not be killed on the damn thing. Unless they blow it up, which is always possible.

In other news, I'm enjoying doing nothing. Yes, yes I am.

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haskell said...

It's very cool that Miles came home in time for Mother's Day. Hope you have a good one.