Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday night, Later

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Well, hello. I am home after being at the Admiral for a lovely evening with the usual suspects, which is to say, Susan and Jodi and Zen and Helen and Jennifer and, later, Charles and then Kyle but I left when Kyle got there. That is sad, but, well, these things happen. Kyle, you were late.

I made a small movie this evening of Susan telling the story of a date from hell but unfortunately it turns out that my phone doesn't capture sound very well. The picture quality is awesome, though, and soon, as soon as I master the arcane art of taking videos off my phone and placing them on my computer, you will all have to suffer through them. Or not - if you're like me, you will suffer through refusing to push the sideways-triangle ON button and flick right on down the page thinking, "Oooh, another photographer down the motion picture drain. Damn you, videos! I refuse to watch videos; they are impure!" At least, I was that way until I got a phone that takes video. For the record, I also used to be all "I only want a phone that is a phone and does nothing but makes and answers calls because I am a complete hippie purist, okay?" but I've long since given that shit up, because now I have a serious yuppie phone that does more or less everything and I treat it like the newborn Buddha. And, now that I have a videocamera, I am taking miserable boring shaking videos by the ton and I think, suddenly, that videography is a horribly underrated art and I am a master.

In the meantime, my toes are taped together with blue painters tape. I wore boots today and clumped around just fine although my toe, as you remember from yesterday, is still all messed up. It is okay, though. It looks pretty good and daring in the blue painters tape.

Hmmm. I believe that is all the news for today, although just a few minutes ago I fell victim to a long held dream and started putting bad haiku up on Twitter. I knew it would happen someday.

I finished all that above and then was going to go to bed but then I decided to instead just wander on for a while here. I mean, why not? Anyway, after posting some haiku to twitter, which is probably going to lose me followers left and right, awesome, I went outside to smoke a cigarette on the porch. Halfway between the edge of the porch and the big tree there is a small spider, suspended. It is raining and occasionally, there is quiet lightning; the spider looks illuminated and gravity defying. The spider has a stick, or, maybe he's a mutant spider, but I'm leaning towards the stick, because he's serious and intent on not letting his stick overbalance his delicate hold on antigravity. This is a tough task and he can only wave a couple of legs at a time before he starts to spin like a carnival toy. He's a very small spider and the stick would not even fill up one half of my thumbnail but for him, it's a very big stick. I'm not sure what he wants the stick for, maybe to start to build a house or perhaps in the spider economy sticks are exactly where it's at or maybe it was a dare from a group of spiders who were all, yeah, you loser, show us how you handle a stick and then we'll talk. But anyway he's out there, tiny, sort of glowing, and wrestling his stick.

This morning when I went outside I realized that it was summer. Yesterday, it was spring but today it is summer and everything has taken on that thick shade of green that makes the world smell like coconut oil at SPF 35. That is the way of seasons; they sneak up on you and before you know it you're trying to remember exactly which summer, which month, which coconut oil and SPF 15 you're trying to remember as you make your way through the thick, dark green.

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