Sunday, May 17, 2009

Raining and So On

It is now Sunday evening, whoo hoo, and the huge list I made for myself to do this weekend is still mostly unaccomplished. Sigh. I didn't even make it over to see the Queen of Bohemia and I am a Bad Niece and mad at myself. But, on the other hand, the weather is just so foul today that nobody can really go anywhere and do anything but droop in a big chair and reread The Scar. Right?

Actually I did leave the house - I went to the Mall, a place I regard with about the same delight as Frodo gave to Mordor. I went because I need to buy a dehumidifier in case the weird ass fermenty smell in the basement is actually some kind of killer mold and the Consumer Reports people reported that Sears is the purveyor of the highest quality dehumidifier. Unfortunately, Sears was out and none are expected in for another week, which would have meant a return trip to the mall, oh horrors, so I went to Lowes and bought an unrecommended one which is even now humming away in Miles' room and hopefully rendering it safe for human habitation, or as safe as any teenagers' room can be said to be, given an alarmingly high population of nearly sentient filthy black socks. The mall trip was not a complete waste, though: I did buy an extremely adorable pair of purple plaid sneakers on clearance and some other vague objects of clothing also all on sale and a pair of jeans for Miles. I tried on some staggeringly hideous sort of capri type pants and wandered blankly in the fluorescent lights so, you know, that was okay. Unfortunately it tired me out completely and that's all I've done today. I really need a week off for every week I work, I think.

Yesterday I did get a lot done in the garden. I moved the forsythia bush and, since my giant order of plants from Springhill that I placed in March finally, finally came in, I planted things. I say things because what Springhill sent did not, for the most part, look like plants. No, they looked like dried roots in plastic bags and I'm not entirely sure if I was supposed to smoke them or plant them or wave them around menacingly in a complicated midnight ritual designed to invoke something. So I tucked them safely away in the earth with the disheartening result that my garden looks about the same as it did before, namely, half empty. I'm kind of dubious about them. I'm also dubious about how much sun that spot actually gets but oh well, life is nothing without experimentation. To that end, I'm going to experiment with going to bed at like 9:30 tonight after I drag my quilt, which I put away the day before yesterday for the summer, back out for this fimbulwinter which has suddenly descended on us. And there you have it for my weekend: always a dull moment available around here.

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hack said...

Fliss, just a reminder, as someone suggested on Metafilter, see if any public entity in your area provides free mold inspections.