Friday, May 08, 2009


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It is at long last Friday (is it only me who has noticed that short weeks, i.e., weeks that you only work 4 days, last much longer than normal weeks?) and of course it's been raining on and off and is apparently planning on raining all weekend. Come on, rain gods, what do you have against me working in the garden? If the garden has not yet washed away, that is. I know the water table is still low - I know this, I say - but I don't care anymore. I need a couple of clear sunny days, weekend days, before I can handle the sight of another raindrop.

So Miles is home, looking cool, and it's great to see him. He is still hilariously funny, very tall and he likes Perdita, although he feels that we have too many dogs now. He's right, of course: having three dogs edges you right over into the territory of That Weirdo Who Has Too Many Dogs but what are you gonna do? Some of us are just weirdos with too many dogs and that's that.

Both my kids were home for dinner last night and it was wonderful. One of those things about parenting that nobody ever tells you is that once they've grown up and more or less left home, you will worry about them on a deep subconscious level all the time. You won't even really notice it until they're both there where you can see them and then for the first time in months it's as if a huge weight has been lifted and you could float away like an old Calgon commercial on the sheer anti gravity of love and safety. Then they leave again after dinner because you're boring and exhausted and go do something which is probably dangerous - ah well, that's the parenting thing in a nutshell: you cannot win. Still. It's worth it.

My gods, I'm boring. The only thing I can think of to talk about might be my diet, and the only non boring thing about that is how I keep breaking it, which is, let's face it, boring as hell. In boring news I'm going to go to Sears this weekend and purchase me a dehumidifier, whoo. I might get a bra while I'm there because I find it amusing to purchase lingerie at Sears - no, seriously, I do. I got a red lace garter belt there once. There is no other, non boring, news and for that I think we should all be grateful as fuck.

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