Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Ditloa Survived

I took 401 pictures this weekend, of which 130 were deemed worthy of a second look and which are up right here. The rest have vanished into the cyber trash. Before Friday I have to pick 15 of the best and submit them to the pool; as it stands right now I'm not sure I've even got 15 I really really like. Oh well. It was fun and exhausting in turns - okay, the DITLOA rules do not really demand copious drinking of beer but hey, tradition is tradition. I walked all over Asheville and West Asheville, looked at crafts and graffiti and landscapes and architecture, went to the Admiral and the Sky Bar and Little Bee Thai Kitchen, which is just as good as everyone says it is, although you have to call your order in an hour ahead of time. Now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

My house is scarily trashed and any minute now I'm going to stand up from this computer and clean it down to the ground, including the porch, where I think I will don gloves and toss the dogs "bed" - aka the dogs' pile of filthy rags - into the washing machine. Once my house is habitable I'm going over to Annie's with Susan to work on the last bits of her website, which would include, yikes, the bio I have yet to write. I'm going to go to Lowes and buy some bloodmeal (ewww. I don't even want to know, but my gardening gurus tell me that it will help my sad and yellowing vegetable garden.) And tomorrow I will take the Citizen Camera from the Admiral on over to Iris for developing.

In other news, there is no other news, just a giant giant list of tasks to complete and projects that are woefully behind. So I suppose I had better get to them. Toodles!

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