Friday, July 06, 2007

project 365 #186: yancey county road hills sun wires

Well, I took young M up to Yancey county yesterday for his old hippie school's reunion. I still can't quite believe he wanted to go to it, given his usual comments about hippie jail and so on, but he did and off he went, giving me what would be three lovely days of peace except that tomorrow is my mom's 80th birthday and I'm having the party by royal decree. Which also means that my younger brother is in town and wants to do stuff, so I'm doing stuff. Like having a small temper tantrum/snit, which I did last night. I got over it eventually, though, and I promise I will not forget to take my PMS pills again. Although I was right. And if he does it again, I am so telling Mom. Then he'll be sorry.

There is this well documented effect of families: they turn everyone involved into a 15 year old. 15 year olds are such a total joy to be around - that's why the gods decreed that multiple births in humans would be exceeding rare. Otherwise, if we had litters like puppies, they would all turn 15 at once and the species would have died out long ago through perfectly justifiable teenicide. So when all the theoretically adult members of a family become simultaneously 15, as is wont to happen across America on the 4th of July or Christmas or something, it can get a bit hairy.

But it will be okay. I just have to remember my PMS pills and the fact that I did leave 15 behind me long ago. Even though I went and bought expensive hippie shampoo and conditioner at 8:00 am the other morning so that young M would not suffer the disgrace of inadequately perfect hair at his reunion and it turned out to be the exact same shampoo and conditioner that I used myself at 15 and the smell catapulted me right back into anxieties about pimples and boys, both of which, I am sad to report, have changed alarmingly little over the intervening "few" years. And the conditioner sucked, too. My hair is all snarly and cranky now (like me, okay) and the no doubt totally natural smell in it will not fade, which is giving me a headache. You cannot go back again.



That sounds like Nature's Gate Herbal Daily Cleansing Shampoo.

mygothlaundry said...

Got it in one! You're good, girl.