Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hideous roadside shot improved dramatically

So this is how I spent my Tuesday night. Well, I spent the first part of it having a brief and inexplicable sort of panic attack but then I hunkered down on two computers simultaneously and created this masterpiece so that I could improve Sunday's picture, which was so utterly lame even I couldn't bring myself to put it into the project 365 pools or my set. Now I like it better even if it isn't the worlds best photoshop job. Yeah, I know - it looks like one of those collaged flyers we used to make at Kinko's late at night in the 80s except in color but see, it's on purpose. Really. Absolutely. Sure. And if you believe that, can I trade you a handful of beads for that nice bungalow? I love doing weird stuff on photoshop but I get irritated when I have to start fucking around pixel by pixel, which is why I will never be one of the great designers of our time. No, I will just be one of the weird designers of our time, which is totally okay with me.

See, here is the terrible original shot, which yes, I took from a moving vehicle, specifically S' car on Swannanoa River Road, which we were navigating enroute to see the new Harry Potter movie. A little photoshop made it much better, n'est ce pas? (That right there is French for Innit, which itself is, like, British for amirite. I am so cultured and international and all, ya know.)

The novelty of the project 365 thing has kind of worn off. It's more than halfway through the year and I'm getting tired of having to take a damn picture every day. I feel like all of Asheville has been photographed unto a fare thee well already and, frankly, at least during the week, I just go to walk the dogs, work and then home. It's dull in real life and even duller in pixels, I'm afraid. Hopefully I'll get my inspiration back soon because the past couple of weeks have been a slog photographically. Much as I love my camera, I'm sick of yanking it out all the time.

In other news, spurred on by the Harry Potter movie, I, like thousands of other losers fans have been rereading the books. Well, actually only the most recent one, which I read in several gulps. It was better than I remembered it being and now I'm really excited for the new one to come (yeah, okay, I pre-ordered it from Amazon, what? You wanna make something out of it, muggle?) even while the part of me that will forever be eleven years old and addicted to sequels is hyperventilating at the thought that it's the last one ever. But then, if I'm tired of taking a photo a day half a year into it, I can only imagine how much JK Rowling wants to off Harry Potter and his posse by this point. So more power to her, and here's hoping I get off my ass, write a book my own self (a better book than the last one I tried to write, in 1994 or thereabouts, which got a bit too, uh, complicated) and the legions of Harry Potter losers fans snap it up and send me tons and tons of lovely moolah so I can actually buy a bungalow with something other than a handful of beads.

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MissPinkKate said...

I enjoy your pictures.. they add a certain artistic touch to your site. You have a good eye, I feel like I can see your worldview in the pictures. So keep up the good work, soldier! :-D