Monday, July 30, 2007

Felicity with her purple/pink highlights

My friend Susan took this on Saturday evening. Yeah I dyed my hair and yeah, it turned out well. Yay hurrah and I wish I was a little happier today but I'm kind of down. Bah. It's funny driving into downtown the day after Bele Chere - I always expect there to be more detritus and maybe some drunks laying in the street but it's amazing how fast they clean it up and the city goes back to whatever it is that passes for normal in Asheville. There's nothing out there now to point to the madness of the weekend. Well, there is a large black wooden box sitting on Biltmore Avenue; it kind of looks like a short vampire's coffin, like maybe he was out and about and got too drunk (the blood of Bele Chere attendees is 80 proof) to drag his coffin back under the parking deck where he usually lives and now he's stuck in there until nightfall when he might just wake up to find himself in whatever subterranean vault the city keeps all their Bele Chere oddments.

Actually I had more fun this year on Saturday night at Bele Chere than I maybe ever have. C & S & K & J and I got completely toasted and wandered around running into people and taking pictures for several hours and it was actually a blast. Usually I'm too cynical for Bele Chere and also I always have to work and I get into that "I hate all tourists get the fuck out of my way" mode but this year, with enough people and ample beer, it was totally fun. Didn't see any music though - but the people watching alone was enough.

I have no internet at home again and so today I have to spend hours on the phone with Charter, which I'm not looking forward to. I can't believe how miserable having no internet at home makes me: I am such a web junkie. I get reduced to playing solitaire on the computer, mopily listening to ancient mp3s and watching bad horror movies on TV. Also, eating too much, although I don't think I can really blame that on the lack of computer. Turns out that Asheville pizza really does deliver to West Asheville now and hooo boy, after years without pizza delivery (I hate Papa Johns and have ideological issues with Dominos) I can see that this is going to be a terribly dangerous trend.

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